Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Desperately Seeking: Backpack business

In all honestly, I never again considered donning a backpack after about grade 7, when, at my school at least, it became passé not to encourage future back and shoulder problems by turning in favour of shoulder slung school bags.
Until a few days ago, that is, when I purchased rollerblades as a means of exercise/amusement/transport to nearby areas (I’ve never truly trusted myself on a bike, despite how cute one can look on one, but have a decent enough background in figure skating to trust myself gliding about on blades). I can’t help but feel like I’m digressing to a younger self by blading around and considering carrying what I consider to mainly be used as book bags (not that I haven’t been partial to the thought when spotting a luxurious but practical leather number adorning a chic back).

I can’t fumble about with a side bag though, so I need something to sling over both shoulders that’s comfortable, cute, and practical.
Urban outfitters has two options that seem to fit the part, but I’m not sure exactly how “convertible” their convertible bags claim to be.
Ideally, these bags would work well either way to allow me two uses (a large plus on my budget), but I’m not sure if I trust it.

The options I’m considering (and I haven’t looked elsewhere, which is probably unwise) since I can’t afford a real leather bag at this point, and need something quickly…are the Deux Lux Messenger Backpack (top) or the Deux Lux Drawstring Bucket Bag (bottom) in black.

I’m buying tomorrow or the next day, as I would like to be blading before the real cold settles, so any quick recommendations or opinions are more than welcome.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm doing some shoots for designer Jane Record of Chocolate Martini while I'm here in Hong Kong, and my time is swiftly running out. Deadlines are approaching and I'm not too happy with what I've done so far. Of course people rarely appreciate their own work or find it up to par, I'm just stressing a bit. The shoot I've done so far was a blast. Great model named Kelly put up with the whole day ordeal like a superstar. Sadly, I found all the elements in most of the images weren't in sync. The shots of Kelly looking fantastic didn't do the dresses justice and vice versa.

I need to get some editing done and put together a look book soon. Am shooting a different model on Friday. I shot on location throughout Hong Kong and chose to do something simple and pretty. Here's a sneak peek. I need to perfect these and figure out how to make them cohesive. Hopefully I can put something I'm happy with together after the next shoot.

Also, if you don't like the dresses in these pictures then I haven't done them justice. They're so flattering on almost everyone.

Check more out at

Louise Brooks hair

After growing tired of looking like a Mon Chi Chi, I decided I would grow my hair out again. I've been sporting an Agyness Deyn/Edie Sedwick (around the time of the fire period) style pixie cut for a while now, and let it get unruly. Growing it out means many awkward stages to come, so I intend on quite frequent visits to my hairdresser to keep it in check through the whole process.

After some deliberation, we decided the best way to go for now is a Louise Brooks-esque bob. It's quite a harsh cut, and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting used to it, but it's certainly growing on me (no pun intended). I may even try incorporating some more 1920's style pieces in my wardrobe.

(excuse the photo quality, it's just a snapshot. Also excuse the state of my face, it's four AM here and I'm wearing last nights make up.)
I'm hoping it will grow out nicely.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Commitment Issues.

I'm back from my unofficial, unannounced hiatus. Life has been hectic.
If anyone cares to know, here's a little info on me before I return to regular blogging.
I was born in Australia, but only lived there until I was 7 before moving to Hong Kong for 8 years. I now Consider Hong Kong home, seeing as I spent my adolescence there. Sadly, I've had to spend the last few years in Canada. I don't dislike Canada, just the area I lived in, and anywhere feels dull compared to my Asian utopia.
After travelling to Bali for a little while I'm back home in Hong Kong. I've been interning for a new designer, and am now shooting for her, while also setting up my own photo shoots and being far too social.
Hence the disappearance. I'm soon back to Canada for around six months, but will be moving home again after...if all goes to plan.
Not that anyone needed to know that, it just explains the disappearance.
I've been busy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photography focus: Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius is probably my absolute favourite photographer at the moment. Her images seem to have no preplanned construction at all, but give off the air that she has made moments fall into view that are only noticeably beautiful to her. There's something so natural and honest to her photographs, a vulnerable atmosphere to something that at the same time retains such subtle emotional depth. Most of the work on her site is personal. Photographic diaries that make no attempt to conceal sexuality or reality.

I honestly don't know what else I can say, so if you haven't yet seen her work, behold the beauty.

I'm so tempted to put so many more than I have, but I have to stop myself. GO! See for yourself.

See more at: http://www.linascheynius.com/

Monday, May 11, 2009

Want to see something cute?

Watch the intro video. It's quite neat.

Ribbons and bows and silly, frilly things

I love bows, truly. I take and collect ribbons from anywhere I possibly can (Christmas crackers, gift boxes, I've even been known to shamelessly rip ribbons of underwear in department stores and pocket them) and I am looking for new ways to wear them. I can't wear them in headband/hair clip form mainly due to a lack of hair at this time, I have hats for that.

It's also hard finding pieces with bows that can stand alone without being too masculine/feminine. Seeing so many on runways recently and I like them in sash form around the waist or neck.

Though I'm wondering if around the neck is a bit too much in this outfit.